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Gas Prices and Fuel Economy

Gas Prices and Fuel Economy

It’s pretty obvious that gas prices have risen and will probably hold steady/be on the rise over the course of the summer. Gasoline and diesel fuel are byproducts of crude oil. Crude oil is what’s extracted from the ground and comes from various areas of the world. So as supply and demand changes, it drastically influences the price of crude oil which is sold by the barrel. Right now there are many factors leading to high barrel prices. The war in Ukraine, supply/demand, politics, personal agendas, so on and so forth 😊  We could go on for days! We are currently seeing local prices in the Omaha area around $3.84/gallon of gasoline as of writing this in early May 2022. Diesel fuel prices are even higher hovering around $5.00/gallon. When this happens, we also tend to see other supply chain issues and price increases that get passed on to us as consumers. Been to the grocery store or out to eat lately?? Now, I am a person myself with a family, a mortgage, normal bills ... read more


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