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Case Study - 2019 Ford Ranger

How new of vehicles do we work on?? This is a 2019 Ford Ranger with roughly 10 computers reporting multiple communication issues with other computers. These are some of the most complex and difficult tasks to troubleshoot. We got this!! We have the skills, specialized equipment, and training.
So the fun part... about to get nerdy again😂
When dealing with computers not talking, I print out network maps and try to find a commonality. This vehicle is very complex and has at least 4 separate communication networks. Unfortunately, we had modules on all networks reporting issues, this is where it gets fun and you roll the dice.
So I decided to start with why the blind spot detection radar units(side object detection modules)were both not online. I pulled the left tail lamp which houses the radar unit(see picture). I checked the communication network activity and signal with a labscope and it was present and looked great. I checked the voltage signal that turns the radar unit on and bingo, nothing there. Another schematic led me to the fuse box where guess what, the fuse was entirely missing and it was also responsible for powering up 75% of the other modules not communicating. Just like humans, if we are asleep, we won’t communicate well, same here😎. Put a fuse in and bingo. “Most” of the codes were cured. The code for the right radar unit was still there though and some power steering communication codes. I pulled right tail lamp and the radar module was completely missing(see picture). Oh, did I say this is an auction vehicle that was in an accident??
Still had power steering codes to deal with and traced that to a broken spade for the main power cable at the battery.
This is rare there would be three major issues causing these codes and symptoms, but we got it tackled!!